Ars Croatiae
16. april 2009. - 07. june 2009. Croatian Art of the Alfred Brogyányi Collection


The Croatian painting and sculpture from the Viennese Brogyányi Collection unfolds before the observer in a broad temporal span of five decades, along a fairly tightly defined path of the artistic affinities of Alfred Brogyányi, collector of sophisticated leanings for the individual colourist expressions, the consummate craft skills and the independent poetics of painters and sculptors from Croatian consistently lively post-modernist work in art. The creative work of the artists represented here who during their lifetimes stood out against the blinkered vision of neo-avant-garde trends and of those who not even today will consent to the domination of artistic installations and the constraints enjoined by the new media of the digital era that are demonstrating new possibilities in contemporary figuration and its many offshoots and tell of the liveliness and pluralism of the contemporary fine arts in Croatia.

The works of twenty three artists, among whom there are six whose oeuvres have now achieved their ultimate definitions because of the inexorable laws of nature, confirm the equality of post-modernist thinking and the consideration of the objective world in the segment of creations of the mind, the legitimacy of the share they have in the formation and creation of the language of the new art, and illustrate an important segment of the Croatian membership of the European club of current artistic processes.

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