Josip Račić
16. december 2008. - 15. march 2009. A retrospective exhibition marking the centenary of the painter’s death


The oeuvre of Josip Račić (Horvati near Zagreb, 1885 – Paris, 1908) is one of the major divisions of modern Croatian painting.  In this exhibition the Modern Gallery has been able at long last to present it to the fullest extent ever, with more than 100 works, oils, watercolours and drawings.   This retrospective is a fitting closure to the gathering awareness in the domestic and the European public of the importance of Račić as promoter of the idea of pure painting and as he himself said of “true art”.  Along with works from the holdings that have become Račić trademarks, such as Mother and Child, Before the Mirror, Pont des Arts, Portrait of His Sister Pepica, the Gallery, by borrowing from the collections of other museums at home and abroad as well as from private collections is presenting a monographic exhibition providing the broadest and deepest insight to date into the relatively small oeuvre of an artist whose life was brought to a close at the age of 24.  Thus the myth of the unhappy fate of the artistic genius has at length given way to a serious consideration of the work done in Munich and Paris, from the anthology pieces already mentioned to completely unknown paintings and drawings.  A separate part of the exhibition, consisting of archival material and works that have in the last sixty years been at the centre of a lively discussion as to the propriety their being included in the list of Račić’s work, enables a credible professional discussion and ultimately of a restitution of the oeuvre of an artist whose fruitful years lasted not even a complete decade.  Thanks to loans from the Mimara Museum, the retrospective is also accompanied by an additional section putting Račić in the context of European history of painting, showing some of his models such as Velazquez, Rubens, Van Dyck, Manet and Leibl.   With such a broadly established project, with the exhaustive catalogue and the many additional events, the lectures, a round table, guided tours, workshops for children and the production of an audio guide in the Mobile Guide system as well as a CD ROM display of the exhibition and other souvenirs, the Modern Gallery has opened up new and dynamic routes to the presentation, evaluation and promotion of painting from Croatian Modernism.

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