Ljubo Babić
14. december 2010. - 10. april 2011. Anthology


In the period between the two world wars, Ljubo Babić was one of the central personalities of the Croatian art scene.   With a developed awareness of the need to get Croatian art into the contemporary European context and for the creation of a specific visual expression enabling Croatian art to add its contribution to European art as a whole, and with the way he worked, Babić set an undeniable stamp on Croatian art life in the first half of the 20th century.  The complexity of the oeuvre and the difficulty of the task of presenting Babić’s creative work are the reasons why more than thirty years have passed since the last major retrospective.  With this project, the preparations for which started in 2009, the Modern Gallery  will endeavour to recall the dimensions of the part he played in the development of Croatian  artistic culture, and the exhibition is covering several parts of his oeuvre, his painting, set designs, printmaking and so on.

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