Intimism in Croatian Painting
15. october 2009. - 31. january 2010.


The exhibition Intimism in Croatian Painting is open in the Modern Gallery on the first floor of the Vranyczany building on Zrinjevac, Zagreb.   The exhibition has been devised and the catalogue written by Smiljka Domac-Ceraj, MSc, museum adviser at the Modern Gallery.   The show will present works from a number of museums’ holdings, from public institutions and a certain number of works loaned from private owners.  The exhibition will present 150 works of more than thirty artists who can usefully be considered within this thematic sphere.  The extensive and well-produced catalogue accompanying the exhibition will contain an original essay by the author, with an English translation, a catalogue of the works on show, biographies of the artists, a bibliography and reproductions in colour of exhibits.  The introduction will discuss the artistic category of “intimism in Croatian painting” and accordingly present, for the very first time, to both the general public and the discipline, a written elaboration concerning and a selection of works of this subject, covering the period from the 1930s to the 1950s.   The production of the exhibition will cover a selection of key works of various artists within the holdings of the Modern Gallery and of other museum establishments in Croatia – in Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Osijek, for example.

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