Second Exhibition of Tactile Gallery
17. december 2009. - 18. may 2010.


Modern Gallery has opend the second exhibition of the Tactile Gallery. The tactile or multi-sensory gallery is an integral part of the Modern Gallery.  This is the first gallery in the Republic of Croatia meant for blind or partially sighted persons. The intention here is via touch and sound to present some of the major works of Croatian modern art.  There is no need, for the experience before you, to have any expertise from the area of art history; we would like you to acquire new experience, through which we shall guide you, explicating to you the picture, the relief or sculpture, part by part. This experience can also be of interest to sighted persons, for our interpretation is meant for persons who are unsighted and accordingly have a kind of perception that is different from people who can see. Some of you will want to listen to the audio guide through the painting, and wonder what the picture really looks like, without seeing it but knowing that it is there, and only later returning to exploring and searching the diagrams. Some other person will want to listen to the guide and at the same time touch the graphic and tactile diagram, and accordingly, at once listening and touching, experience a work of art that we have adjusted, turning it into a tactile diagram, to your sense of touch. The choice is up to you.

With the assistance of the audio guide and the tactile diagrams, we are making some of the works of Croatian art of the 20th century much more accessible to you.  In the second set-up is a picture of Josip Račić, "Mother and Child", and sculptures by Ksenija Kantoci, "Figure"and Marija Ujević Galetović, "Antun Gustav Matoš".

We hope that all will find it interesting to learn something through this new experience, and believe that it will give you new energy and the curiosity to take part in further exploration of the artworks of the Modern Gallery.

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