Slavo Striegl
03. december 2009. - 20. december 2009. A Great from the Silence


The concise selection of works by Slavo Striegl exhibited at the Modern Gallery on the occasion of the great anniversary of his life and work is an inspirational call for further study of the artistic achievements of and contributions given by this great Sisak master.  The oils on canvas and glass, the watercolours and collages to be exhibited represent the essence of the powerful oeuvre of this “last classic” of Croatian visual art. Striegl’s contemporary figuration, the unrepeatable Striegl-esque ambiences of the Sava and Kupa valleys, the water and the mud, bridges and cranes, portraits of animals, less often of people – these are masterful pictorial records of Sisak life and the Sisak area.

Always at a distance, quiet and unobtrusive, Striegl worked with dedication the whole of his life, exhibited but seldom and talked about himself little.  His life was painting, and the thousands of painted works are a worthy trace that imposes obligations.

The exhibition is devised by art historians Zoran Burojević and Lada Bošnjak Velagić, while the foreword in the catalogue has been written by Academician Tonko Maroević.

Dogodila se pogreška.
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