Marta Ehrlich
20.12.2012 - 24.2.2013.


 Marta Ehrlich (April 27, 1910 – March 15, 1980) was born in Zagreb, the third child of Ernst Ehrlich, a building contractor, and his wife Erna Laura, a school teacher. She attended grade school and high school in Zagreb; subsequently, with her sister Erna, she attended a finishing school in Villars, Switzerland, where she mastered English and French.  Afterwards they attended another institution for girls, in Grenoble.
After her return to Zagreb, Marta Ehrlich took private painting lessons from Vladimir Becić, and her beginnings in painting are marked by his powerful personality.
Inclining more and more decisively to a world of fantasy, Marta Ehrlich shows at the same time a marked sensitivity for the medium of painting, particularly for ink, in which the forms of the objective world gradually dissolve, leaving fantastic traces and contours that give off the mystery of a dual openness, to the conscious and the unconscious.  With a sensibility that powerfully unites objective perspectives and subjective resonances, Marta Ehrlich succeeded in making the Informel surfaces of her works “energy mirrors” of fluid configurations and mysterious constellations that imply both microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously. No slave to conventions of any kind, but only following the demands of her own imagination, in her pictures Marta Ehrlich expressed the amazing multidimensionality of poetically multiplied reality, in which immanence and transcendence coexist.  The distinctiveness of her personal style, her iconography, and in particular the expressive suggestiveness of her indigo palette, in which it is as if a Schopenhauer were combining light and dark, reveal to us a world of subtle correspondences between reality and dreams.  Reducing the world of objects to a synthesising signification, with a wealth of associations and a three-dimensional plenitude, and colour to the tonality of feelings, Marta Ehrlich created a world of remarkable perspectives that constitute an invaluable section of Croatian visual art.

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