18.3. - 26.5.2013

As part of the 22nd celebration of the Passion Heritage, the Modern Gallery is preparing the exhibition Christ’s Passion and the Redemption, which will take place between March 18 and March 31, 2013, in three exhibition rooms on the first floor of the gallery. The Gallery will be presenting pieces from its own collection related to the theme of the Passion. Twenty three works will be exhibited – paintings, prints, sculptures and medals, by Croatian and other artists, up to works from the mid-20th century. The examples selected represent the development of the form and theme, the content and necessities of composition in connection with theme of the Passion, such as The Mount of Olives, Golgotha, Pietà and Christ on the Bier. The works of fifteen artists are included – of Julije Klović (Giulio Clovio), Alessandro Castelli, Iso Kršnjavi, Adèle d’Affry (Marcello), Vlaho Bukovac, Bela Čikoš-Sesija, Miroslav Kraljević, Marijan Trepše, Ljubo Babić, Ruža Klein Meštrović, Maksimilijan Vanka, Karlo Mijić, Ivo Kerdić, Rudolf Spiegler and the firm Stabilimento Johnson.
With a methodology drawing on studies in iconography, form and style, the topic of the Passion and the Redemption is shown at the exhibition with a selection of the best works: from Clovio in the 16th century, via the end of the 19th century Romanticism, to Expressionist and still more modern poetics of the early 20th century. The examples selected do not only indicate the development of the style, but with the deductive method show the movement from the commonplaces of art (Alessandro Castelli) toward individual conceptions of the sacred and the religious, as well as to modern ideas with numerous analogies to the modern age and the spirit of an unstable epoch (Kraljević, Babić, Trepše, Mijić). The intimate character of the exhibition and the particular choice of works will be conducive to inner peace and contemplation in the viewer through

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