Kuzma Kovačić
24.4. - 2.6.2013


This exhibition, with more than one hundred sculptures, objects, installations, reliefs and studies, is the first integral depiction of a sculptural creativity and visual ceremonial of the highest level. Kuzma Kovačić is an artist who is inspired by the Mediterranean, and his works mirror the spiritual heritage of the region of his nativity. Born in Hvar and schooled in Zagreb, Kovačić creates individual sculptural forms in bronze, wood, glass, aluminium and other materials. Equipped with talent, consummate craft skills and dedication to meticulous work, Kovačić, with consistent respect for the artistic heritage of the Croatian South and adoption of innovations on his own terms, has constructed a one-of-a-kind idiom in cotemporary Croatian art. During the last three decades he has created an oeuvre that on the one hand has appropriated the classical procedure of sculpture and on the other hand delighted with the abundance of its new creative procedures.
Modernism with a soul and an inspired dialogue of heritage and contemporaneity are the characteristics of his creative work, which this exhibition will reveal.

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