Josip Trostmann Neka bude svjetlost/Let there be light
29.04. - 25. 05.2014.

Exhibition is extended until June 1st 2014.

Yet another spring, and the Modern Gallery has put together an outstanding painting treat for lovers of the arts: a retrospectively conceived exhibition of the classic works of Josip Trostmann who, since he started painting about five decades ago, has consistently created in tune with the motto Nothing is to be done if the heart doesn't flutter with colour and joy.

In a studio surrounded with pines and fragrant Mediterranean plants, painting at his easel every day, this doyen of the Dubrovnik colourist circle transfers the Arcadian mood of his home town with paint and brush to every one of his canvases. Anchored on the coastal route from Sv. Jakov via Ploče and Konal to his studio on Lapad, from the abundance of motifs Trostmann creates chamber- and symphonic-scale songs of painterly praise to his joyous life in Dubrovnik and the beauty of its landscape. Inspired by the Mediterranean nature and its brilliant light, he creates works that captivate the viewer with their concise drawing, vehement gesture, sounding colourism and painterly poetics with an associative-cum-abstract form of expression.

More than seventy oil paintings exhibited in the seven rooms of the first floor of the Modern Gallery show the painter’s inheritance of the post-Impressionism of Derain and Bonnard, show him reaching out towards the abstraction of objective reality and the flourishing of a contemplative penetration into the motif, telling of the distinctive beauty and purity of Trostmann’s art of painting, which make him the bard of the new art of the landscape in contemporary Croatian painting.




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