Closing of the Miroslav Kraljević Exhibition in Venice

Last Sunday, not even the muggy heat of Venice prevented art lovers from going to the majestic Ca’Pesaro Palace on the Grand Canal and on the last day looking around the Miroslav Kraljević Exhibition, which closed on June 15.

The great Croatian painter, whose works have aroused the admiration of the European cultural public, for almost two months shared the grand piano nobile of the Longhena Baroque palace with such greats as Rodin, Chagall and Warhol.   The very location in the Ca’Pesaro display, the lecture held in Kraljević’s honour in Ataneo Veneto, that distinguished institution that promotes art and culture, and in addition a number of notices in the electronic and printed media, with a special emphasis on the outstanding review of the distinguished Italian art critic Sebastiano Grasso in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, confirm the exceptional significance of this exhibition, proving that Kraljević does belong just where he was presented on this occasion – in Europe.  After Venice, Kraljević is coming back home and some eighty of his works will by the end of this year be exhibited in retrospectives in Split, Osijek and Dubrovnik.

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