Exhibition of Jure Labaš 'Hommage a Dali' opened in Modern Gallery Studio 'Josip Račić'

On Tuesday, July 8, the Jure Labaš exhibition Hommage à Dali was opened in the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery.  On this occasion, Biserka Rauter Plančić, director of the Modern Gallery thanked the invitees and thanked Labaš, doyen of Surrealism in the country, for his reliance and for the excellent exhibition. She read through a section of the foreword of Vjeran Zuppa, which started with the sentence,To cut things short, and though, said Ms Plančić, Vjeran Zuppa really had written an abridged text, he had nevertheless summed up everything important.  Lovers of the art of Jure Labaš were able to see among the works on show the Insect of 1968, Labaš’s first tribute to Dali, which was exhibited for the first time in the Art Pavilion at the show Surrealism and Croatian Fine Arts, and was also published on the cover of the journal Paradoks. The Little Dalis, stone figurines that were created this year, were particularly pleasing to Ms Ivančica Markovčić from the city’s Office for Education, Culture and Sport, and Marija Sekelez, director of the Žar ptica Theatre was fascinated by Labaš’s object 8D.

The smallest visitor to the exhibition was Dody the dog, who for the love of her owner put up with the crowd and the heat and patiently awaited her while she looked around the exhibition.

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Dogodila se pogreška.
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