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Miroslav Kraljević – A Retrospective Exhibition
6 p.m. - 1 a.m.

The Miroslav Kraljević retrospective in the Modern Gallery is the biggest ever exhibition of the painter’s superlative creations in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Devised and conceived by Professor Zvonko Maković, DSc, Željko Marciuš and Biserka Rauter Plančić, with a set up designed by Studio Rašić, the exhibition features a contemporary and fundamental presentation of two hundred works created in not quite six years of vigorous creativity and flaneurial activity in Požega, Zagreb, Munich and Paris (1906-1912). The oeuvre of Kraljević presented is recognised as fundamentally underpinning the whole of modern Croatian visual creativity.

This classic exhibition has been prepared to mark the centenary of Kraljević’s death, and in this year’s Museum Night the public is given a special opportunity to get to know the broad range of Kraljević’s subjects and styles: ingenious Parisian vistas; drawings of coquettes, dancers and boudoir scenes shot through with Expressionist malaise; hedonistically toned sculptures; portraits and introspective self-portraits; as well as rural scenes from the country estate of the Hon. Kraljevićes.

Because of the sensitivity of the artistic material and the decor of the set-up, viewing of the Retrospective will have to be restricted to groups of up to 100 visitors at a time.


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