Press conference related to the Croatian entry at the 57th International Exhibition of Visual Arts, La Biennale di Venezia

In the Large Hall of the Ministry of Culture, on Tuesday, March 28, at 11 am there will be a press conference related to the Croatian entry at the 57th International Exhibition of Visual Arts, La Biennale di Venezia. Taking part in the conference will be the Minister, Dr Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Assistant Minister Dr Iva Hraste Sočo, the artists Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić, exhibition curator Branka Benčić, and other members of the authorial team, who will present the exhibition Horizon of Expectations. Available for the media will be textual, visual and video materials related to the project


May 13 – November 26 2017

Preview: May 10 – 12 2017



The exhibition for the Croatian pavilion, entitled Horizon of Expectations, will present installations by two artists:

Phantom Trade: Sea of People
Tina Gverović

Events Meant to Be Forgotten
Marko Tadić

The project takes the form of a double solo exhibition involving the production of new artworks developed specifically for the pavilion. It brings together two artistic positions that deal with issues of uncertainty, tension or collapse, and how they relate to different conditions and contexts.
Avoiding a fixed narrative depicting certain content, the exhibition creates a series of gaps, ruptures and interrelations, pointing to renegotiations and fractures as places of potential transformation and imagination.
Using different media, such as installation, animation, objects, painting, drawings and projections, Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić engage with conceptual procedures and subjective imagination inscribed in spatial and temporal discontinuities. The approach to display and the arrangement of materials in space consider the role of the observer, articulating its fluid, almost performative character of moving through the space.
The exhibition for the Croatian Pavilion titled Horizon of Expectations will include a complex and multifaceted installation by each artist: Phantom Trades: Sea of People by Tina Gverović and Events Meant to be Forgotten by Marko Tadić.
Tina Gverović creates works in the form of disorienting installations that engage with the space, territory and identity, and how these concepts are bound to imagination. Her images are fluid and fragile, oscillating between different conditions. In Phantom Trades: Sea of People an installation based on paintings, video and objects (developed in collaboration with artist Ben Cain), she continues to explore processes and accumulations, history and materiality, bodies in transit, as moving masses or geopolitical entities.
Marko Tadić continues to explore his long-term interest in the legacy of modernism. Using found images and animation techniques to stage a narrative oscillating between document and fiction, Tadić unfolds a series of haunting visual sequences, based on a series of projected images including slide projections and 16mm film transferred digital video. Events Meant to be Forgotten acts as a panorama of achronological time, suspended between history, memory and future projections.
Borrowing the title from literary reception theory, the shifting “horizon of expectations” points to a platform of common experience, knowledge and understanding, framed by renegotiations and uncertain possibilities of identification. Branka Benčić

Tina Gverović graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, completed a postgraduate study at Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and holds a PhD from Middlesex University in London. She has recently exhibited at Suzhou Documents – Biennial (Suzhou, 2016), Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik, 2016) Raum mit Licht Gallery (Vienna, 2015), Tate Modern (London, 2014), MSUB (Beograd, 2014), SE8 Gallery (London, 2013), and The Garden of Learning – Busan Biennial (Busan, 2012). She took part in residency programs in Sweden (Baltic Art Centre, Visby, 2012), Austria (Kultur Kontakt, Vienna, 2011), USA (ISCP, New York, 2006). Lives and works between London and Dubrovnik.

Marko Tadić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Exhibited at solo and group exhibitions and film festivals in Croatia and internationally, at venues in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Kassel, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. Awards: 28. Youth Salon (Zagreb, 2006) and Radoslav Putar Award for young Croatian artist (Zagreb, 2008). Participated in residencies and study programs: 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles (2008); KulturKontakt, Vienna (2008); ISCP, New York (2009); Kultur Bunker, Frankfurt (2010) and Helsinki International Artist Program (2011). Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. Born in 1979 in Sisak, Croatia, lives and works in Zagreb.

Branka Benčić is an independent curator and art historian based in Zagreb, Croatia. Over the past decade she has curated group exhibitions, artiststs solo projects and film screenings in Croatia and internationally, lectured and published on contemporary art in exhibition catalogues, journals, magazines and books. Her basic research, writing and curatorial interests are focused on contemporary art, exhibiting film and video, experimental cinema, exhibition histories in former Yugoslavia. She is currently involved with several ongoing projects and initiatives, Artistic director at Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art, Founder and Curator at Cinemaniac –Think Film exhibiting and research project at Pula Film Festival and curator of Artists Cinema, screening program series taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

While the exhibition is on, the Venice Biennale is organising series of meets with the artists called Tavola apaerta. A number of informal talks form a part of the curatorial conception of art director of the Biennale Christine Macel, aimed at promoting a dialogue between public and artists. In the relaxed atmosphere of a common lunch, the artist will have a chance to present his or her work and the themes they think important in their artistic practice.

The data envisaged for the meeting with Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić with the public in the context of the Tavola aperta project is September 20, 2017, in the Central Pavilion in the Giardini.
Artist Practice Project is also a part of the curator’s concept of Christine Macel, in the framework of which video works of the artists, exhibited at the main international exhibition and in the national pavilions, will be shown. Each video is made especially for this interactive installation (a big LED monitor in the Giardiani will be linked with iPads), and the format of the short video (up to 5 minutes) has been set in which the artists speak of their artistic practice.
The artistic director of the 57th Venice Biennale has sent an invitation to one of the most significant Croatian contemporary artists, Mladen Stilinović, to exhibit works in the framework of the main international exhibition in the Giardini.
The Croatian Pavilion at the 57th Biennale in Venice, with an area of 94 square metres, will be located in the premises of the Artiglierie in the Arsenal.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in English with texts by Branka Benčić, Clemens Krummel and Marco Scotini, with graphic design by Andro Guinio.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication edited by Branka Benčić, with contributions by Branka Benčić, Clemens Krummel and Marco Scotini.
The participation of Croatia at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia is organized by Moderna Galerija – National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb with financial support provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.
Sponsor: Tourist Board of the City of Vodnjan
Media soinsor: Novi list

Press contact:

Marija Šiško
Lana Šetka


MarkoTadić, Events meant to be forgotten (The Antenna), 2017 film still 16mm film transferred to digital video Courtesy of the artist


Tina Gverović, Bodies and Things, Lost and Found 2016 Installation view French Pavilion, Zagreb (with Ben Cain and Alexis Taylor) Photo: Damir Žižić


MarkoTadić, Events meant to be forgotten (The Antenna), 2017 film still 16mm film transferred to digital video Courtesy of the artist


MarkoTadić, Events meant to be forgotten (The Antenna), 2017 film still 16mm film transferred to digital video Courtesy of the artist


MarkoTadić, Events meant to be forgotten (The Measure of all things), 2017 film still 16mm film transferred to digital video Courtesy of the artist


Tina Gverović, Sea of People 2015 Installation including 8 paintings on a wooden platform: Series of paintings At First Sight I-III, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 124 cm, 90 x 124 cm, 90 x 112 cm (Filip Trade Collection); Series of paintings Second Sight: North Atlantic, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 110 cm, Polaris, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 110 cm (Neda Young Collection); Series of paintings Choose Your Time I, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 110 cm Choose Your Time II-III, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 110 cm) Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik Photo: Marko Ercegović