Art Workshops in the Modern Gallery in December

We are pleased to be able to announce the art workshops that in December will be held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the permanent exhibition space of the Modern Gallery at A. Hebranga 1 and in the Josip Račić Studio at Margaretska 3 and invite all interested children and young people to join us. The creative and educational workshops we have thought up will help those attending to discover their own artistic ideas and idioms, and encourage them to creative expression through their own views of modern art.

Programme in the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery, Margaretska 3.

(no charge for taking part in the workshops)

“Five O’ Clock Tea” Workshop

Friday, December 4, 2015, 5 pm to 6 30 pm

Prompted by the exhibition of Stanko Jančić and the name of his show, we will creatively conjure up our own idea of the well known ritual of the tea party. We shall show our own tea party by making a wire sculpture.

The workshop is intended for children of the 4 to 10 age group.

“Playful Form” Workshop

Friday, December 11, 2015, 5 pm to 6 30 pm

At the art workshop we will try out what the sculptures of Stanko Jančić look like if they are made in other materials. What will happen if the strong, hard, single-coloured material is replaced with some soft, coloured material? Workshop members will create their own sculptures sewing figures in felt.

The workshop is intended for the 6 to 15 age group.

“Moving Staircase” Workshop

Saturday, December 12, 2015, 11 am to 12 30 pm

An art workshop at which we will make a sculptural work prompted by the interestingMoving Staircase sculpture by Stanko Jančić. We shall explore how to make a composition of several figures in motion. We shall express ourselves creatively by making a mobile in mixed media.

The workshop is meant for the 6 to 15 age group.

The Programme in the Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1.

(participation in the workshop is not charged separately, it is included in the admission price, 20 kuna for children over the age of 7)

“Imagined Picture” Workshop

Sunday, December 13, 2015, 11 30 am to 1 pm

This time we are setting out on a somewhat different adventure. How shall we present a picture guided by just the description? It is important to listen carefully, to show what we hear, and at the end of the workshop we will discover how everyone has imagined and expressed his or her own picture. We will be painting in tempera.

The workshop is meant for children in the 4 to 10 age group.

“Repeat after Me” Workshop

Friday, December 18, 2015, 5 pm to 6 30 pm

Sometimes, because of the idea and message of a painting, it’s necessary to repeat in a single work the same figure or shape several times. What happens and what kind of composition will we make if we do just that – repeat the same figure? Prompted by works by Ivan Lesiak and Miroslav Šutej, we will paint our own works in tempera.

The workshop is meant for children and young people in the 6 to 15 age group

Big Little Pictures Workshop

Sunday, December 20, 2015, 11 30 am to 1 pm

We shall transform the pictures in the permanent exhibition of the Modern Gallery into miniatures, to put the gallery in our pocket or exhibit it in a box. We shall see that all works can be just as valuable and just as interesting as each other, no matter the size or artistic idiom.

We will be working with mixed media, making use of coloured pencils, collage paper and cardboard.

The workshop is meant for children in the 4 to 10 age group.

The leader of the artistic and educational programme is Iris Poljan.

The programme of art workshops is limited to about 15 participants.

Because of this limitation, please by all means tell us in advance of your intention to take part, by telephone at 01 60 410 49 for Iris Poljan or the MG ticket office on 01 6041055 or by email at




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