Opening of the exhibition Dalibor Jelavić – A Critical Retrospective

Last night, April 26, the exhibition Dalibor Jelavić – A Critical Retrospective was opened in the Modern Gallery.

In the framework of the series Painting Retrospectives, the Modern Gallery has provided an integral presentation of the work of Dalibor Jelavić, artist of expressive gesture and powerful colourism, whose oeuvre constitutes one of the most striking and towering presences in contemporary Croatian abstract and concrete art.

The exhibition is conceived as a critical synthesis of more than a hundred of the best of the artist’s productions, in oil, encaustic and drawing, created from the seventies to the present time. Showing the author’s top quality work, it illuminates and sets an appropriate evaluation on the meaning of his contribution to the body of recent Croatian art. This modern and postmodern personality, one of a kind in the country, is characterised by the versatility of and many-sided meanings in the expressions and techniques, which in the imagination of the objectless and the object-full world belong among the peaks of contemporary Croatian fine art.

The invitees were welcomed by the director of the Modern Gallery, Biserka Rauter Plančić, senior curator Željko Marciuš, who devised the exhibition in collaboration with Academician Tonko Maroević. All those present were also greeted by the artist, Dalibor Jelavić.

In her words of welcome, director Biserka Rauter Plančić laid the stress on the selection of some of the very best of the painter’s oils, temperas, acrylics and encaustics from the series Black and White Paintings, Pink around the Triangle, Trace of Light, Space Theatre and Cornucopia. Also from her speech: “The exclusiveness of the Jelavić retrospective set up in ten rooms of our Gallery inheres precisely in the selection of the works and the sublimation of the extent of the motifs, themes and symbols of is work to date. This is an oeuvre that grows from the furrows of authentic painterly values, which in all things deserves congratulations, for it has enriched Croatian fine art with a rarely seen diversity of evocations and brilliant endeavours to have the ‘life impassioned’ in the painting once more.”

The exhibition will remain on view until May 29, 2016
Photo: Goran Vranić © Moderna galerija


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Dalibor Jelavić, Biserka Rauter Plančić, Željko Marciuš, foto: Goran Vranić© Moderna galerija, 2016.


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