Luko Paljetak Paintings for Lilliput


Exhibition is extended until April 19th

We cordially invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 7 p. m.

Poet, writer, translator and essayist, a person of all round learning, Luko Paljetak, in the Josip Račić Studio Gallery of the Modern Gallery, is exhibiting his Paintings for Lilliput, 1111 fascinating collages on uniform, prefabricated supports.

From a mass of easily available, in fact omnipresent, material, papers and magazines, posters, prospectuses, adverts, from decorative and packing paper, foil, cellophane, stickers… Luko Paljetak cuts out the essential surfaces and structures, picks out significant lines and colours, chooses and rearranges, edits and transforms printed motifs and symbols, letters, figures, hands, numbers, signs, materials and even tiny objects… Thus painting with scissors on the pads of electronic insect repellent devices he produces collages that, individually and as a whole series, capture the attention with their intense colouring, frenetic rhythm and amazing numbers.

In elementary school my visual culture teacher was Antun Masle, a painter who painted what he dreamed. I saw a film about Modigliani too. I liked that peintre maudit thing. I wanted to be a painter. After eight years of school, I ended up in the Normal School, the old Dubrovnik Preparandia. Five long years of the goddess Didactica Magna. Here too Antun Masle was my art teacher. And then he was my friend. I went freely to his little studio in Božidarićeva ulica no. 9 in Dubrovnik. In the meantime I had got to know the painters Đuro Pulitika and Ivo Dulčić, Mira Dulčić, the people with and around them, other painters and artists. I was friends with them days and nights and years. I spent hours and hours in Pulitika’s studio and in Fort St John, watched him painting, which he allowed no one. That was my Academy of Fine Arts.

Then I enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar. I associated with many painters of Zadar. I finished my course in 1968. In 1978 I left Zadar for Dubrovnik. I went on with my old and created new painterly friendships. My way in life, in books, was already set, as a result of many wishes and troubles, scattered with the roses of my Prince of Darkness and paved with the slabs of my Stradun. My craving for painting never left me. I painted whenever I was able, developing more and more my own way – painting for the poor, painting for Lilliput.

Luko Paljetak

(from the text ” About The Beginning”, exhibition catalogue LUKO PALJETAK: PAINTING FOR LILLIPUT, MG, 2014)
The exhibition will remain on view until April 13, 2014.
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